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Explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet
Product introduction of explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet with left and right chambers I. Application Scope of Explosion-proof Positive Pre...
Working principle of explosion proof positive pressure cabinet 1. When the pressure is higher than 1000 Pa, the relief valve automatically ope...
防爆正压柜适用范围   防爆正压柜在爆炸性气体环境危险区域应用的划分:   不同的国家和地区,按各自的标准划分爆炸危险区域。我国根据爆炸性气体混合物出现的频繁程度和持续时间,将爆炸性气体环境分为0区、1区和2区。(与IEC国际电工委员会一致)   0区:连续出现或长期出现爆炸性气体混合物的环境...
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